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Escape Room Linz

The special Live Escape Room experience in Linz with VR glasses!

Ready for the Escape Room 2.0 in Linz? Here, you are not only live on site in an escape room, but also immerse yourself completely in it with the help of VR glasses , controllers and headphones!

Start your escape room in virtual reality in Linz now!

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This is what awaits you in Escape Room 2.0 Linz


 Escape Room 2.0 in VR

In our Escape Rooms 2.0 in Linz you
immerse yourself in the VR adventure with all your senses - for the most intense Escape Room experience.  


 Over 19 escape rooms

Which escape room world in Linz will you choose? Pyramid, Jungle, Horror or Wonderland ?


100% a team experience

Solve exciting puzzles and challenges together with family and friends. For 2-8 players, ages 10+ (excl. horror)!

Start your mission in Escape Room 2.0

You are just a few clicks away from your escape adventure in Linz!

What is an Escape Room 2.0?

What is an escape room 2.0?

Klassische Escape Room Elemente

In our Escape Room 2.0 in Linz, you have to escape from different places - similar to a classic Escape Room - by solving different Escape Room puzzles and challenges together. You will have one hour to do this. You can choose the Escape Room adventure beforehand.


Neue VR Elemente

So, what's special? An Escape Room 2.0 takes place in virtual reality. With the help of modern VR glasses, controllers and headphones, you can immerse yourself in completely new worlds such as Alice's Wonderland. There, you meet as a group in the form of self-selected avatars, see and hear each other in-game. Special tasks and experiences await you!

Escape Room Worlds

Over 19 exciting escape rooms in Linz

Whether you are a puzzle lover, a horror fan or a video game enthusiast - you will find a large selection of Escape Rooms in VR at our location in Linz.

What will be your next escape room adventure in VR?

Procedure of an escape room 2.0 


1. Book your desired date online or via phone with the number of players. 


2. A game master will look after you on site and instruct you on how to operate the game.


3. You choose your virtual avatar and play your escape room.


4. As a souvenir, you will receive a group photo after the escape room. 

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