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Neues Kino in Wien

The unique cinema experience with VR glasses!

Be a part of the film instead of just being there! With our VR cinema, this is no longer a dream! With VR glasses, controllers and state-of-the-art technology , you help determine the story of the film. You are right in the middle with all your senses . And best of all: you experience this very special cinema experience   together with your loved ones! Book an appointment now. 

Jetzt interaktiv in die Filme in Wien eintauchen!

Kinoprogramm Wien

Termin buchen

Dein immersives 5D Kinoerlebnis in Wien


Ready Player One Kino Wien

In our attraction
Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment with VR glasses, controllers and more, you can fully immerse yourself in your cinema experience! 


Interactive puzzles

In your cinema experience 2.0 you can also expect exciting puzzles and common challenges that advance the film story!


100% team experience

Interact with each other: You hear and see each other in the game and can, for example, hand each other items.

The cinema of the future

Erkundet unglaubliche Wiener Kino-Welten

Have you always dreamed of making the impossible possible and immersing yourself in fantastic worlds ? With Virtual Escape's virtual cinema, this dream becomes a reality! Everything is possible in virtual reality - whether it 's magic, climbing, flying or traveling to foreign places! Choose your desired cinema scenario with story and immerse yourself completely in new, fantastic cinema worlds in Vienna - for an unforgettable shared experience!

Latest film technology with VR

This special cinema experience is possible thanks to our VR equipment at our location. Our premises are specially optimized for VR experiences. A VR cinema expert will show you how to control the VR equipment on site in Vienna. You will receive a VR headset, controller and headphones from us - for the 100% immersive experience! You will then be guided step by step in the VR cinema film.

So kommt ihr zu eurem 5D Kino in Wien


Kino Wien - Virtual Reality Cinema Vienna

Waaggasse 2a

1040 Wien

Tel.: +43 650 9422802



Mo - Fr: 14:30 - 22:00 Uhr 

Sa - So:  12:00 - 22:00 Uhr

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