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Virtual Lasertag Salzburg

If you are enthusiastic about lasertag or paintball and are looking for a new gaming experience in Salzburg, you should try virtual lasertag! You will have a very special lasertag experience and play against your friends in an arena in virtual reality! 


  • Duration of experience: approx. 1 hour

  • Price: 31€-39€ per person

  • Number of Players: 2-8 people

  • Minimum age: 10 years

  • Contact:  
    Virtual Lasertag Salzburg
    Linzer Bundesstraße 33 
    5020 Salzburg

    (Google Maps)
    Phone: +43 676 5841300


  • Opening hours: 
    Mon - Fri   2:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 
    Sat - Sun 12:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Lasertag in VR

Play now - Lasertag in VR 🔫

Whether lasertag, shooter or paintball - these games are fun and offer an action-packed experience with friends and family. So, what's new?


In Salzburg you can now immerse yourself in another reality, a virtual arena with different scenarios - this is possible with the help of our modern VR glasses and controllers.


At our location in Salzburg you will experience a very special lasertag gaming experience that you will not forget! 🤩


How does lasertag in VR work? 🤔


Choose a date for your laser tag adventure in Salzburg and book your desired date including the number of players directly online.

In our VR Lasertag Room in Salzburg you will receive an instruction concerning the handling of the VR equipment from our trained gamemasters in order to dive into the virtual Lasertag world. 

vr (1).png
gewehr (1).png

Enter the virtual arena for the Lasertag experience! First, choose
your personal avatars and explore the VR world. Then you can start your exciting Lasertag battle and while the time is running! 

After your joint laser tag adventure, you can preserve your adventure in Salzburg for eternity with a group photo!


Immerse yourself in a virtual arena

Futuristic Lasertag-battle

Arena in Salzburg is a dynamic and immersive multiplayer lasertag shooter with sci-fi elements. You and your friends fight each other for the victory in two teams!


You can prove yourself as a fearless gladiator of the modern lasertag world.
Join a team and use all the game tactics you know to defeat your game enemies in Virtual Reality. 


Teleport to specific locations and explore the area for bonus items. Only the most talented lasertag players make it through the game and are rewarded with victory.
You can be one of them. 


Become the last survivor in this futuristic virtual reality lasertag battle in Salzburg!

My Post (1).png
My Post (1).png
Virtuelle Arena
Einzigartiges Erlebnis
Futuristisches Battle

Unique Battle in VR😯

battle (2).png

Do you already know classic paintball or lasertag? Then challenge your friends, acquaintances or family to an unforgettable VR lasertag battle in Salzburg! In two teams you play against each other in several lasertag rounds. You can also add bots to your team!


Who has the best team composition?

Which lasertag players have the best strategy?

Find out in an exciting virtual lasertag battle in Salzburg!

Would you like a very special atmosphere for your joint lasertag experience in Salzburg? No problem! Here, you play in a virtual lasertag arena that offers you plenty of room to explore. You have the choice between different scenarios in each round of the game.

Which environment do you choose?

Discover a new, fascinating world together for your lasertag battle in Salzburg!


 Lasertag Salzburg prices

Number of players





(39€ p.P.)




(37€ p.P.)




(35€ p.P.)



(3 vs 2)


(37€ p.P.)



(3 vs 3)


(37€ p.P.)



(4 vs 3)


(35€ p.P.)



(4 vs 4)


(33€ p.P.)


Previous experiences 😊  


FAQ - your questions


Give away a Virtual Lasertag Experience

Virtual Escape Room Erlebnis in Graz, Gutschein schenken, Freizeitaktivität für groß und klein, Rätsel

Looking for an extraordinary gift in Salzburg ? Your friends already love paintball or laser tag ? Then we have just the right thing for you: How about a community experience where you challenge each other in a laser tag battle in VR ?


With our Lasertag vouchers for Salzburg, you are not only giving away a spectacular action-experience but at the same time shared memories that will stay in your memory forever !


Lasertag in Salzburg is suitable for everyone

Do you already have experience in lasertag, paintball or a shooter game? Then bring your gaming techniques to the next level with VR lasertag in Salzburg! Are you a beginner and want to try VR lasertag? No problem! You will be guided step by step through the VR world in Salzburg and can practice in peace at the beginning. 



Looking for a new challenge? With a lasertag battle in VR you can challenge your friends and have an action-packed experience together!


family (1).png

Got a special family trip coming up? Our lasertag battles are suitable for all ages above 10. Which family member will win the game?



Would you like to surprise your partner with a special experience?

Then challenge yourself with an exciting VR lasertag adventure!

Company meeting 


Is there a team event  coming up in your company? How about a playful battle in VR? Challenge each other in lasertag and have fun together.


VR lasertag in Salzburg

You can find our VR Lasertag location in Salzburg at Linzer Bundesstraße 33, 5020 Salzburg. Cozy indoor spaces await you where you can start your joint lasertag adventure. When designing our VR laser tag rooms, we highly value a feel-good atmosphere.

Like all our locations, our game rooms in Salzburg are also equipped with the latest VR technology to let you immerse yourself in a new shooter world. 

You will be looked after by our trained VR Gamemasters, who will be by your side throughout your lasertag battle. They will be happy to give you tips and help if you feel lost in the VR world. 


  Our team in Salzburg💪🏼

Tobias Kutschera_edited.jpg

Tobias Kutschera
Game Master


Daniela Schett
Game Master


Location and directions - Virtual Escape Salzburg

Find your way to us (Linzer Bundesstraße 33, 5020 Salzburg):

Public transport:

Stop Minnesheimstraße (for example via bus lines: 4, 10 and 23)

Bicycle: Traveling by bike is also wonderful when the weather is nice.

By car (parking spots):

We have three parking spaces directly at our location!

jetzt eintauchen

Virtual Lasertag - play now in Salzburg! 🥽

 Book now, immerse yourself in a virtual arena in Salzburg and challenge each other in a thrilling lasertag battle! Since our lasertag adventures in Salzburg take place indoors, you can play it in any weather .
We promise: unlimited fun and unforgettable moments ! 😉