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Online AR escape game cyberpunk

The first online escape room adventure in  point & click style - with augmented reality elements!




only available in German!


The story



How it works


What is an online escape game with augmented reality?

In our Online Escape Game Cyberpunk you experience a fantastic, immersive story in a dystopian cyberpunk setting. Up to 5 people can simultaneously participate in the point & click game online via the web browser of their choice. 


You can communicate using a tool of your choice, either Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.


Everyone is in this adventure together. The scene changes automatically for each team member as soon as someone clicks on a certain area. So no one gets lost and everyone is always up to date.

To ensure that not only one person clicks through the game at the end, we have included cooperative elements in the form of augmented reality. All you need is a smartphone with the Instagram app installed. This way, everyone has certain AR skills, which are indispensable to master the tasks ahead.


Now it's up to you to break the boundaries of human existence and become a transhumanist.



only available in German!

  • Browser-based online escape room (Chrome browser recommended)

  • Duration: 90-120 min.

  • Participants: 1-6 Players

  • Level of difficulty: 4 / 5

  • Requirements:

    • min. 1 PC

    • 1 Phone

    • Pen and paper

  • Age: above 14 years

  • Starting from 5$ per person


Voraussetzungen Online Escape Room Ausga

Please use a computer so that all the events and pictures are displayed reasonably. You will also need:

  • Instagram on your smartphone (A fake account can be created).

  • Pen and paper (for notes)


Titel Online Escape Game Cyberpunk quer.

Welcome to Straylight City. A city in the heart of New America. The year is 2093, corporations determine the order of the world. Humanity is scarred by the technological progress of the last decades. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, criminal underworlds, technical modifications of the human organism - all of this is normal in Straylight City.


Rumors are piling up that a corporate complex in the city is close to decoding immortality. As a result, a group of cyberpunks, including you, have joined forces to steal this formula. However, your current modifications and abilities are not enough to be up to the task. You must face a test to become a transhumanist in order to have a chance.


By means of a virtual simulation, guided by Virtual Escape, the largest virtual and computer-generated computing company, a world is created in which consciousness is put to the ultimate test.


Now it's up to you to break the limits of human existence.

Free demo version

Would you like to try our Online Escape Cyberpunk without obligation?

Then use our free demo version !


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