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Virtual Reality Vienna

Experience one new dimension of entertainment at Virtual Escape in Vienna! It doesn't matter if it's tricky Virtual reality escape room, atmospheric VR cinema or action packed VR laser tag - with us you can experience the full potential of virtual reality together with friends or family. You can find us at Waaggasse 2a in 1040 Vienna.

Your virtual reality experience in Vienna at Virtual Escape is waiting for you!

Your virtual reality experience in Vienna

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State-of-the-art VR technology

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, you can dive with us in our Virtual Reality premises in Vienna VR glasses, controllers and Co. Fully immersed in virtual reality! A VR game master will accompany you on site and help you. 

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Interactive elements

In your virtual reality adventures in Vienna you can also expectexciting puzzlesand common challenges. you can out above20 games and choose movies from different genres!

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Shared experience

Interact with each other: You hear and see each other in the game and can, for example, hand each other items. Our VR experiences can with up to 8 players, ages 10 and up(excl. horror) to be experienced!

Secure an appointment now and immerse yourself in virtual reality!

Choose your next virtual adventure

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Unforgettable VR experience in Vienna

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Were a total of 5 people. The team is very nice, patient and explained everything very well. It was a great experience at a great price. Can only be recommended to everyone! 👍 Will be back. 😁

Virtual Escape ist bei TripAdvisor mit 5 Sternen bewertet worden

Choose your next adventure


VR Escape Room Vienna

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular. We have given the popular classic an upgrade and are offering it in virtual reality in Vienna. Our VR escape rooms are suitable for all age groups from 10 years (except Horror) and can be played with up to 8 players at the same time. They offer an exciting and immersive experience that engages you and your team take you to another world. Our escape rooms are designed to keep challenging your creativity and thinking skills. Every room is unique and offers a different story to share with your loved ones. Our offer includes escape rooms on various themes, including: science fictionhorroradventure, Mystery and of course also actions!


VR Lasertag - the action experience

Our VR laser tag game is an exciting and action-packed way to test your aim and responsiveness in a virtual world. you enterVR headset and controllerto shoot to against other players in a virtual arena to compete Our VR laser tag experience in Vienna offers a unique way to bring the classic laser tag game to a new dimension.

For those who prefer a more family-friendly option with fun cartoons, we recommend Smash Point – Dodgeball 4.0.

Ausschnitt aus VR Arena in virtueller Realität in Wien

Immersive cinema in VR in Vienna

In addition to our VR escape rooms, we also offer a VR cinema experience at. You can choose from a variety of films in 360 degree shots choose. You will feel like you are right in the movie and become part of the story. Your actions influence the course of the film! Travel back in time and visit Chernobyl or save Notre Dame, that is on fire. Our VR cinema experience offers a unique opportunity to experience films in a completely new way.

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Easy online booking

Our online booking platform is simple and user-friendly, so you can get a ticket for a virtual reality experience in Vienna quickly and easily. You can book online and you will immediately receive a confirmation. You can also book by phone or send us an email. We are flexible and try to fulfill all our guests' wishes! We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna soon!

VR: The new dimension of entertainment

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Why virtual reality?

Virtual Reality allows you to be in a immerse yourself in a virtual, fantastic worldand fully immerse yourself in it by wearing a VR headset and special controllers that broadcast your movements and actions in the virtual world. It is an exciting experience that youan immersive experienceoffers that you can't find in the real world. At Virtual Escape in Vienna you have the opportunity to experience this technology and in our VR Escape RoomVR cinema or VR laser tag step into another worldsearch.

State-of-the-art VR technology in Vienna

At Virtual Escape in Vienna we use the latest virtual reality technology to offer our guests an unforgettable experience. We use the most modern HTC Vive glasses, which offers a resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels and has a refresh rate of 90 Hz. This means you'll have an incredibly realistic and immersive experience. Our VR technology allows you to immerse yourself in a fully interactive 3D environment where you can move freely.

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Team building in virtual reality

Our escape rooms and VR laser tag games in Vienna are designed toPromote collaboration and communication within the team. Participants must solve puzzles together, complete challenges or compete against other teams to reach the goal. In our VR games you can test the cooperation of your team and your employees in a new way. Our virtual reality team building events in Vienna are an exciting and innovative way to do thatMotivate team and improve team dynamics.

Contact: Virtual Reality in Vienna

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VR in a fantastic atmosphere

You can find our Virtual Reality premises at the Vienna location in the Waaggasse 2 in the 4th district. In 1040 Vienna Comfortable rooms await you to start your Escape Room adventure together. When designing our Escape Room rooms in Vienna, we attach great importance to a feel-good atmosphere. Like all our locations, our gaming rooms in Vienna are also equipped with the latest VR technology to let you immerse yourself in new, fascinating worlds. You will be looked after in Vienna by our trained staff Virtual reality game master who will be at your side throughout your visit. They like to give you tips and assistance, in case you don't know how to continue in the VR world. 

VR in fantastischer Atmosphäre


Virtual Escape Room

Mauerstraße 77 

10117 Berlin

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Opening times: 
Mon - Fri:  02:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 
Sat - Sun:  12:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Approach Berlin

Underground stations: Between Stadtmitte station (U2, U6) and Kochstraße station (U6).

Bus station: U Stadtmitte/Krausenstraße (U2, 200)

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